Misfits of Faerûn

In search of Kobolds

Players Present: Everyone sans Clarke

The party eventually got to Winterhaven and decided to check out the tavern. Meepo was not able to show his face being a kobold, so Darkflint let him hide in his backpack. At the Tavern, Mirar found a gambling table and proceeded to get really drunk and rowdy, nearly getting himself thrown out. He was also approached by a stranger about a nearby Dragon that could be of interest to him.

The next morning, after cleaning themselves up, the party followed a lead and went to talk to Lord Padrig. Lord Padrig presented them a map and told them about the nearby settlements that have been attacked by kobolds, offering a reward if the problem was dealt with.

The party set out to investigate the attacks, only to be ambushed themselves by a group of kobolds. After defeating the kobolds, they let one loose and tracked him back to a cave entrance. A fight quickly ensued and the party overcame the kobolds and the mouth of the waterfall.


Dreylin lvl80irl

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