Misfits of Faerûn


Players Present: Everyone sans Clarke

The party had just dealt with the kobolds outside of the cave entrance and decided to sent Meepo in to investigate. They put some of the nearby armor on him and sent him in. Meepo informed them that the last 2 survivors were captured and tied to the nearby rocks. The evil Kobolds then sent out a minion to investigate, who was quickly slain by Mirar. Meepo was then quickly turned on by the other Kobolds, and took a nasty fall trying to escape. Mirar and Darkflint, seeing the situation turning south rushed to his aid, tieing up the other kobolds in combat and healing Meepo. The party surged forward, slaying kobolds left and right. Just when it looked like the end was in sight, a second wave of kobolds came rushing out followed by their leader, a nasty goblin named Irontooth.

Mirar quickly dealt with the remaining kobolds and rushed in to challenge Irontooth. As the rest of the party skirted around dealing with the rest of the kobolds, a fierce battle ensued with Mirar and Irontooth. Yelps and yips could be heard as Meepo turned into a tornado of punches and kicks. Ancient runes flared up around Darkflint as divine flames washed over the kobolds, while other inscribed runes protected the party. Ionan’s mighty fullblade cut through the poor creatures like a hot knife through butter, while his divine retribution judged the creatures… SMITER! The battle came to a conclusion after Mirar loped off the head of Irontooth, while Darkflint slipped and fell square on top of an escaping kobold.

Irontooth’s last words were a call to his dark god, Orcus. While searching the room the party found a chest full of treasure and a parchment. The note said that there is a spy inside Winterhaven, and the dark prince Orcus plans on opening a rift to use the inhabitants of Winterhaven as food. The party then decided to return to Lord Padrig with all the news.


Dreylin lvl80irl

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