This wise old kobold monk imparts as much wisdom as he does pain.


Fullname: The Great Wise Leader Meekekian Ponokuktikak

Race: Kobold

Class: Monk

Weapon: Daggers

Specialization: Centered Breath Monk


As the benevolant leader of the Rut-kuk Warren, Meepo cared much for his fellow kobolds. The Rut-kuk Warren was constantly besiged by local townfolk, adventurers, and the evil rival kobold tribe. Meepo knew he needed to lead his tribe to browner soil, and he had heard rumors of kobolds descending from the mightiest of dragons, Io. Intrigued, a quest was taken to discover the truth behind the rumors and to obtain the god’s help to save his warren.

After being chased out of town after town, spit on and despised, Meepo’s beliefs that all non-dragonkin were evil were being fulfilled. His trust in humans, elves, and dwarves especially, grew from fear to hatred. Eventually, his search brought him to the great mountain of (TBD), where he came across a Dragonborn temple devoted to Io. For 5 years Meepo studied the history of Dragons, the ways of Io and Bahamut, and the philosophy of their paths. Although the Dragonkin are the greatest of races, Bahamut teaches fairness. The great leader learned of the harsh nature of Faerun, and that many races will not accept his people, but he still must strive to give all non-dragonkin a chance. As much as he was enjoying learning, Meepo longed to return home and knew his warren still needed him. Armed with new knowledge and martial abilities, the wise one began his return to Rut-kuk.

Unfortuantly, in the 5 years Meepo was gone Rut-kuk had not fared well. The kobolds had ventured closer towards the nearby human town, digging holes in farming pastures placing traps all around them. To make matters worse, the rival warren had also discovered a new god to follow, this one the evil Tiamat. Fighting a two sided war, the warren could not hold out, and Meepo arrived shortly after it’s fall. Between the humans and the rival kobolds, there was not a single Rut-kukian left alive. Meepo digged for days hoping to find signs of life, but his efforts were futile. The only thing he found was a strange crystal ball, which had miraculously remained unscathed despite being under piles and piles of rubble.

It was then that Meepo knew this was a sign from Io, and so his journey begins. Meepo must discover the location of the ancient Shrine of Io, and bring his deity this gift.


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